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FAQs for Volunteers

Answers to your questions about Camp JIM

Where is Camp JIM?

Pillager, MN, right outside Brainerd/Baxter, about 2 hours north on 169. See map and directions on the camp page.



Who runs Camp JIM? 

Camp is hosted by the Northwoods Baptist Association (, the local association that our church belongs to, along with 17 other churches.  The Camp Director works closely with the churches to provide counseling, curriculum, activities, worship, and fellowship that are God-centered, fun, and age-appropriate.  Counselors are approved by their church pastors and must have a current criminal background check.  The camp nurse and lifeguard are certified.



Who goes to camp?

Kids going into third grade – twelfth grade from the churches in the NWBA and any friends they invite.  Camp has proven to be a great community outreach tool where many families encourage extended family and friends to come to learn about Jesus and his gift of salvation.



Is it important to volunteer?

We’ve had to turn away campers in the past because we didn’t have enough staff to accommodate all the kids safely.  We want to ensure that we can continue to support the camp experience to every kid possible! Camp JIM is possible only with the help of volunteers!



Is there coffee?

YES!  We keep the coffee freshly brewed day and night.



What other advice have counselors offered?

Bring something to help the kids identify with their cabin.  Ideas in the past have been some cheap matching bandanas from Walmart, matching wacky socks, or rubber bracelets that they can all wear to be part of their pack.


Bring/prepare some simple cabin “games” like a deck of cards, nail polish, 20 questions, UNO, jump rope, etc.


​Bring a stash of gum, Tootsie Rolls, Dum Dums for cleaning/good behavior prizes.


If you find you need something while at camp (toiletries, supplies, etc.), let the Camp Director and kitchen staff know ASAP. Someone is usually always running into town.


​Bring a portable fan. Running it on high in the room helps provide white noise that buffers the sounds of rustling kids, who might find it hard to sleep away from home.


Can I bring my non-camper-age kids with me, and how does that work?

Yes, there is a camp program for kids ages 0-7 called Cutie Pies.  


Cutie Pies is run by volunteers and provides care for the kids after breakfast (8 am) until dinner (5:30 pm).  They also have activities and utilize some VBS curriculum to keep the kids entertained.  The Cutie Pie cabin has a play area, living room and full kitchen, a place for naps, and a gated outdoor playground.  

Counselors keep their little ones with them in their camper cabin during the night.  In the past, counselors have successfully had a little one or two with them for the week, depending on their ages. Still, it depends on the age, individual personality, flexibility, and endurance of your little one(s).  


Bring a portable fan. Running it on high in the room helps provide white noise that buffers the sounds of rustling kids, who might find it hard to sleep away from home.

What if I can't commit to a whole week at camp?

We prefer counselors to stay the entire week (Sunday to Friday), but we can work with you to coordinate counselor job-sharing if you can only commit to a half or part of the week.


Will I be a counselor for my own kids while at camp?

We try to accommodate your personal preferences and work with you to either be with your kids or be separate from your kids, depending on what is best for your family.

What ages will I counsel? 

If you have a particular preference, we can work with you to do our best to accommodate.


Do I stay with the campers in my cabin?

Yes, the counselors get a double-bed bottom bunk in each cabin and stay with their campers for the week.  Each camper cabin is air-conditioned and has a private bathroom/shower.


Do I have to plan activities/curriculum? 

No, the curriculum and activities are planned by other camp volunteers.  Your role is to bring your campers to the various activities and help to shepherd them through the day.


What else is my role as a counselor? 

Be a role model.  Be prepared.  Be prepared to pray with and for the campers.  Be ready to look and listen for opportunities to redirect thoughts, actions, and conversations toward Christ when the campers have lost focus.  Provide comfort for those homesick.  Be prepared to provide counseling and discipleship for those feeling convicted or expressing questions about coming to Christ due to the sermons, curriculum, and bible studies at camp.  Be prepared with a simple devotional before lights out (based on the day’s lessons and bible verses). Be ready to shepherd.


Do I get any breaks or help during the day? 

We try to pair co-counselors together for each group, depending on the size (preferably about 6-8 kids per cabin), so that the counselors can trade off watching the kids at different parts of the day.

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