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Biblical Counseling

Everyone Gives Advice. Is Your Counsel Biblical?

We offer biblical counseling training to those seeking to grow in their ability to minister to others. As a certified training center with ACBC, we provide in-person and online training, helping people learn biblical counseling basics, further their education, and complete certification. 


Why should I get training?

Our training equips you to counsel others and make disciples. Those who attend our courses use the material in various ways. Many use it to counsel themselves and work on growing in their own life. Others use it to become better counselors to friends and family. Some use it to grow as ministry leaders within their church, and still, others use it to become certified biblical counselors. Whatever your reasons for taking our courses, you will be more equipped and prepared for everyday life for having done it.

How do I get Certified?

Step 1:

ACBC Certification requires a 30 hour Fundamentals Course as part of Phase 1. This training establishes a basic knowledge of the what Biblical Counseling is, how it is conducted, and why it is the responsiblity of all Christians.

Register for our Foundations Track in our upcoming Biblical Counseling Conference to satisfy the 30 hour Fundamental Course requirement in Phase 1.

Step 2:

Another aspect of Phase 1 is completing one thousand pages of reading from an ACBC approved reading list. Three hundred of those pages must be focused on theology and seven hundred from counseling material.

Many of the books can be found in our bookstore.

We highly encourage you to create an account with ACBC when completing this phase of training because you must log the pages you have read.

Step 3:

The ACBC Exams are comprised of 44 essay-style questions on both Theology and Counseling.


The first portion of the exam covers the basics of systematic theology. The second portion covers counseling knowledge and practice.

Pastor Jared Johnson has taught through each question on both the Theological and Counseling Exams. The Lectures and Outlines can be found using the links below.

Step 4: 

Once you have completed the first three steps, you can begin supervision.  


In this stage, the Counselor-In-Training will conduct at least 50 hours of supervised counseling.  After each session, they will send a report to their supervisor, who will then give constructive feedback to help them learn and grow as a counselor.

Cross Pointe is able to offer this supervision at a limited capacity, but many Fellows are available through the ACBC network also.

What We Offer


Biblical Counseling Conference

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Theology & Counseling Exam

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