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Pre-Counseling Forms


Counseling Intake Form

The Counseling Intake Form is a comprehensive questionnaire that provides basic demographic, theological, and pertinent information about the issues that caused them to seek counseling.


Pre-Marital Intake Forms

The Pre-Marital Intake Forms are designed to collect all necessary information to begin Pre-Marital Counseling cases. They include several questions about how they met, when the wedding is, and if they need officiant services.


Counseling Agreement

The Counseling Agreement is intended to be signed by your counselee prior to, or at the first counseling session. This form helps to establish expectations at the outset of the counseling case.

The Gospel Presentation


The Original Gospel Presentation

This Gospel Presentation is an original copy of Dr Stuart Scott's Gospel Presentation. Below are a couple of links to his ministry's content.


The Gospel Presentation (Cross Pointe Church Edition)

Here is a copy of the Gospel Presentation that our Biblical Counseling Ministry uses. We have only modified the emphasis or added verses to various sections.

Counseling Resources


Counseling Session Record

The Counseling Session Record is a form that allows the counselor to record notes during the counseling session. It has a section on top for specific information regarding the counselees, the session number, and date, as well as an agenda section on the side, where the counselor can list various issues as they arise. You might want to consider having a spiral-bound booklet with 30-40 pages for an individual counseling case. 


Homework Worksheet

The Homework Worksheet is intended to have a yellow negative behind it that allows a copy to be retained by the counselor. The counselor fills it out, and the copy is given to the counselee. Then, during the next session, the counselor has a retained copy to review whether the homework was completed.

The Homework Worksheet includes all 7 categories of homework.


Personal Improvement Plan

The Personal Improvement Plan is a form that is a handout that a counselor can give to their counselee as homework, as well as worked through during the counseling session. It allows the counselee to help in the process of identifying the problem and establishing goals for resolution.


Self-Evaluation & Improvement Worksheet

The Self-Evaluation and Improvement Worksheet is intended to be a data-gathering tool. A Counselor can have their counselee fill it out to really narrow down what issues their counselee is facing, and what they'd like to be addressed first.


The Conference Table

This form provides directions for the Conference Table. The Conference Table is a technique that can help couples that have developed a pattern of sinful communication whenever they are required to resolve some conflict. Like any tool, it's only as useful as the individual who uses it. Work through the biblical principles that are important for the Conference Table to be effective.


Fruit Root Chart

The Fruit Root Chart is a counseling tool that is designed for the Counselor to work through with the Counselee, allowing them to see that their perceived problems are the fruit (result) of a deeper issue (root). 


Weekly Counseling Tracker Form

This digital form allows us to track our counseling analytics. Our counselors are highly encouraged to submit their counseling hours each month so that, at the end of the year, we will have data that can direct monthly training.

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