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Dinners For Eight

Dinners For Eight is a great way to meet new people and build deeper fellowship with your church family. Whether you have been attending Cross Pointe for a long time or just recently started attending, Dinners For Eight allows you to spend time fellowshipping over food in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

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How Do Dinners For Eight Work?

Begin by identifying a Dinner For Eight that you'd like to attend. To accomplish this, use the link below. Once you sign up, your host will contact you and coordinate what each individual or couple will bring. Dinners For Eight are hosted at the homes of Cross Pointe Members. Before the evening ends, we encourage the group to plan their next dinner.

Who Cooks The Meals?

The host will provide the entree and beverages, and everyone else will bring a dish to share, such as a salad, side dish, bread, or dessert. The host should work within each group to ensure that the sides brought are varied.

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Should I Bring My Kids Or Do I Need To Find A Sitter?

Each group can decide what works best for them. Some groups have arranged for an older child (teenager) to watch all the other smaller children, each chipping in some money for their hard work. Other groups are intended to be for individuals or couples only. Check the details of your particular Dinner For Eight or ask your Host if you're unsure.

How Can I Become A Host?

Hosting a Dinner For Eight is reserved for Members of Cross Pointe Church, as they will be representatives of our church for the group. If you are a member and want to host, please sign up using the link below.

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